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Reviews for "4 Swords Misadventures 10"

Red: And trust me, he hurts a LOT more than you think he does. Old man: You're Bluffing! *Cojiro crows* Me: Dear God, he called the super cuccos! PREPARE FOR PAIN!

... I spent a good 2 minutes running that through my head cuz I really wanted that old man to pay for his BS.

I haven't wanted to laugh so much in a while( I say wanted because I'm in a library and have to force myself to not laugh) but yea man good job on this one, your teams great.

I have been watching your series for a couple years now, and I'm very pleased to see you continuing this series. The humor and references to the past episodes never ends. I'm glad your still around! Looking forward for the next episode!

Am I missing something? Why is this a loop of them playing the title? I see everyone saying nice things but on my end it looks more like a April Fool's Day joke...

HadoukenDude responds:

if you get the original flash version, press the spacebar and the arrow keys to continue to the next scenes. Just in case I reverted to the original video format.

Hey HD I'm still here and I still love this series. I know its been awhile since I reviewed these and its looking great. We finally get to see the lovely Zelda do something in the quest.