Reviews for "Pokemon XY: Exploring Lumiose City"

As someone who is trying to do animation, this is really good, how many frame does it haves and how many time did it take to make? (I know this isn't a review so I'm going to say that it's good for the sake of the button review).

DoopieDoodles responds:

This was one of my first animated parodies in years so it only took me 20 frames or so, and I believe 4 days to make.

even thought there were parts were there weren't any animation the part that had it was good. I like the art and the way you drew the ghost girl. One thing little thing though, is the credits were pretty much were half of the video.

Hilarious! Also, loooooove the ol' pokemon tower music!

Good ol' vid doopster!

This is great and nicely animated!
Nice work!