Reviews for "Cube Escape: Birthday"

great game! the time travel part really got to me. also, cut the cake without touching candles? that's a hard puzzle to figure out. the jumpscare, though, was really scary, so it was worth it. it earns 4.5 stars, but I gave it 5 out of generosity (and having to use walkthrough).

I binge-played all cube escape games and this is my favorite one. It's scary, sad, and really cool. I eagerly await the next.

An enigmatic and incredible game, Cube Escape has managed to be one of my favorite games of terror. Not just the enigmatic story, but the characters. They have their stories hidden and tragic past and this makes this game special. Won my 5 stars.

such beautiful games. the art style, the soft music lulling you into a false sense of security. the puzzling nature and the pay off. its all there, and done in such a pleasing way. i keep coming back just to watch the stories play out again and again. i cant get enough of them. just beautiful.

Great, except for the cake puzzle that wasn't very intuitive.