Reviews for "Cube Escape: Birthday"

A fun point and click game. The graphics are great.

Did ...did I win? Did I make it better?

Oh wow do I love this series. I found the scene following the doorbell was a bit slow (though I initially thought it was one of those scenes like the Lakehouse where you have a limited time to solve something), but the rest of the jump scares totally got me. Most of the puzzles I was able to solve on my own, only needed to check the walkthrough 2x. I did prefer the voice acting in the earlier episodes though, not that it detracted from gameplay at all. I loved Grandpa! I especially appreciate how each game brings it 100% and never loses the joy of the original. I always enjoy playing your games.

Yeah! Another Rusty Lake game! I love these.

Always a pleasure to play this series.

Absolutely fantastic.
Great art, atmosphere and interesting logical puzzles.

One of the best point and click games I've played in ages.