Reviews for "Cube Escape: Birthday"

I didn't expect to see blood on grandpa's birthday. Luckily, the past could be changed and I took down Mr. rabbit.

Game play was quite challenging. Although I was able to solve most puzzles, I didn't know how to get a clock or a watch. Thanks to the walk through, I didn't know that the cat was hungry. Also, how to get a fly was tricky.

Graphics and animations are excellent. Sound effect is alright.

Can't wait to see more on the next two levels.

You know how to make a awesome game series.

I'm positive this is the best you've ever done.

"BOOM! Hahaha!"

Best grandpa in the world!

I am generally not into point and click adventure games, but this wasn't bad. It's mostly because you create a pretty cool world to live in. I just like how this is put together. A lot of it really does come out as CGI. It's just something about the structure. You are pretty creative.

It really was a slow moving game. I could appreciate that. You know how to create atmosphere. It's just pretty creative. I certainly don't know what's going to happen next. I can see why so many people enjoy this.