Reviews for "Cube Escape: Birthday"

Not bad. I will say that the logic in the flag puzzle with the 6 in it escapes me though. I needed the walkthrough for that.

I really like this games!!!

can't wait to see more of you 10/5 stars

I love these games.. i havent even played this one yet but i can already tell you im gonna love it.. it kinda creeped me out in the beginning because when it started to load it stopped at 13% and just stayed there until i reloaded the page.. e_O (thirteen is an unholy, unlucky number)

Excellent !

Wait wait wait.... The game was one of my favourite of the serie (first is seasons) but, the end, at the end (yeah, i'm the greatest writer) means that it's done? No more cube sacapes?
I'd like to say "Nooo, don't kill my soul like this" but I've always tought that, if the creator thinks is the end, then is the end..... But I'd like more games, they are amazing and dark, and soo perferc (the music, the game play, the art), please, give me hope :(