Reviews for "Awesome quiz game 2! demo"

Is this a demo demo? I mean, there isn't any graphics, the quiz is in a pattern(right, left, right, left, right) and the screen doesn't even fit. You, sir, have a LOT of work to do!

You my friend have a lot of work to do

A demo of this really shouldn't be uploaded here. Submit the full game please.

sorry but you shouldn't be uploading demos on newgrounds. hope to see a full quiz graphics etc. in the future

Apparently I know a bit about Minecraft. :) Quiz is OK, though the graphics could really use a facelift! For starters: a custom font, maybe larger size, maybe centered, maybe with more variation in color, or background. And a canvas size that matches the game. And, graphics that take some time to make. It's a demo, so, plenty to improve!


aidannibbles responds:

sorry, that was just my second game