Reviews for "H3H3productions VS. SofloAntonio"

I got two to spawn. Ok game, funny for a few minutes.
http://imgur.com/qipb8dX pictures of the 2 spawned soflos.

I found this game pretty disappointing and lackluster. Not trying to brag about my game skills, which in truth are lacking, but I beat the game on my first try taking only a couple of hits. It's far easier than the Ethan and Hila video made it seem. The total gameplay time is about one minute and 30 seconds. After that point, there's no replay value as the patterns and (great) moves remain the same. It's very predictable and there are only 3 different attacks that occur once at a time so there's not much variety either.

However, the best part of the game for me was the ending. The sprite animation in the ending cutscene was far better than the title screen art which was pretty poor. I suppose I'm being overly critical in this review for a game that's ostensibly a one-off joke meant to please the h3h3 fanbase. I came from the Ethan and Hila video and I must say conceptually it's pretty amusing and I appreiate your dedication in actually going through with it and completing the game. I experienced only a minimal amount of bugs during my short playtime, so that's another positive.

Overall: The game is boring, and relatively short and easy leaving little replay value. However, if you are an h3h3productions fan you will most likely be amused by the very fact that this game exists and the ending cutscene is pretty funny so you won't be disappointed in that regard. I'd be interesting in seeing something more in-depth and engaging next time, but as far as a novelty game goes, it's not bad.

DJ Khaled for real did meet h3h3