Reviews for "H3H3productions VS. SofloAntonio"

It's hard!

jejkobb responds:

once you get a hang of it it will be easy :)

I'ts good but I found out if you stand in a certain spot he will never hit you with any projectile. After destroying his hands! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you.

Simple, short, what more can you expect?

P.S. I'm copyrighting "VS." so if you want to continue using this in the title, you need to pay me a small loan of a million dollars.

jejkobb responds:

I appreciate your memes.

I thought it was a pretty good game, It's not too long, which is this game's biggest downfall

But nice job anyway, keep up the good work!

loved it, good moves, keep it up,
i did this for you ethan, papa bless