Reviews for "H3H3productions VS. SofloAntonio"

This was a gaff and a good all wrapped up in a romp. I appreciate that. 5 starz.

This game was a hoot and a holler. Now, I am no shot-caller, but I must say this game was a great goof, spoof and a bit of a goob. A delicious spoof soup. Great moves @jejkobz. Keep it up. Proud of you. You smoht, you loyl, you a jean-yus. I 'ppreciate chu. A LOT! Don't play yourself. Papa Bless. Now let's all go get some Papa John's and some sodie pops. On me.


Game is harder than dark souls 3.

Beat the game first try without losing any hearts.

Eat my dick, I'm more MLG than you scrubs.

It's nice! If you make an update to it, you should put the H3H3 theme. I have a Chiptune Version that would fit nicely. :u