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Reviews for "Learn to Fly 3"

Same learn to fly we were addicted to before, but this time it's vertical... Loved the concept up going to space, and all the upgrades.. just wish i could have destroyed that damn moon instead of landing on it.

Fun game. Maybe I've been studying rocket science for too long, but the scientific inaccuracies are rather annoying. Like the end cut scene, there's no way you could send a projectile straight to the moon like that, you would need to establish orbit first. Yeah yeah i know, its penguins. But still.

#1 biggest complaint is with the cut scene when using the nuclear reactor. I don't now, nor will I ever want to, see a penguin on the toilet struggling to take a dump. Its not funny or cute or entertaining. Its disgusting. If it was one instance, then sure whatever. But to see it for my last 30 launches was really really annoying. I intend not to play this game ever again because of that. I'm not joking. It really bothered me. I seriously considered getting the android app prior to that, but if that's the dev's sense of humor then I'm out.

When I saw the hedgehog at the end, it brought back some good memories, 10/10 game. Really felt like I was making progress the whole way through, made it fun and challenging.

Now make the next one Learn To Fly: Galaxy where you can make a penguin star ship and I'll give you $100 and a kiss on the forehead.




Since I played a hacked version, I love it, However I would like to point out the Intro, The g-mail image of the intro not that good, And has a greed for Money, Which is the VCR, I know this game is trying to be realistic, But on real life penguins can't fly and the Weight makes harder for me, Intro is giltched too, When I skip it the Intro's Music is still going, It's pretty giltchy, But It still makes a not bad game.