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Reviews for "kill the stick"

You got a loooonnnngggg way to go if you want to make good Flash animations and games, kid.

So short and bland. Why is their no sound at all? The deaths are cheap and lazy not to mention it looks like it was in Windows Movie Maker. The character himself looks poorly done and the deaths are so quick their not even remotely interesting. Seems more like "Kill the person" than "Kill the stick". Considering you kill a person not a stick. The deaths are inconsistent and don't really add up in the end. Boring game overall 0\5 did you even try? Or did you rush this a s fast as you could? Whatever you did, the answer is obvious. This game is a epic fail!

No substance

Ummmm, maybe watch some Flash tutorials? In other words of a TRIGGERED (or something like dat) person: Grab da bleach.

What in the world was that?