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Reviews for "kill the stick"

Needs more medals, Deaths, And it needs music BTW. You could make a part 2 this time. This has Only 3 deaths and 1 medal D; I wanna torture him some more!
This needs: New medals,New deaths Plus an Easter egg one to! some music, How about some Drop dead music? And some OST Music from some videogames that are 30:00 Like a LOOP. One for the start. And one for the How do you want him to die part. For the medal unlock sound you should use the Success Sound Efect from youtube And download it. Also the graphics need to be 20% Cooler.

Ummmm, maybe watch some Flash tutorials? In other words of a TRIGGERED (or something like dat) person: Grab da bleach.

I'm not quite sure if you're being serious with this or not. I'm more unsure of what to say if in fact that you ARE being serious. I don't wanna come off brash or rude. Despite all of that, you DID put it up for review, so....... With this being your 2nd attempt, I couldn't even imagine how the first one is.
Outside of everything that is wrong with this project of yours, I am more unsettled with the game's objective. It tends to speak volumes about It's creator.
In any case, don't give up. Keep trying. Get help from other creators if you really wanna enter this field.
I'll give 1 Star for Effort and 1 Star for the Medal.

Yeah, this really isn't anything worth playing with. It has a medal, but that's about the only thing it's worth looking at for, the deaths are quite terribly designed and executed

No substance