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Reviews for "Tea Tycoon V1.2"

Slow to even start so it's quite boring. Having better pacing would improve the game. Trophies spelt wrong as "trothies". The art work quality isn't that great either. Wouldn't reccomend without some heavy readjusting to the game.

I really like this game, but I'm about half way through it and the whole game is super lagged... :( It makes me not able to play it anymore.

I think this could be a great game so this are some things you should think about:
I like that's some kind of "old school" vibe but you should be able to see everything that's going on.

FARM page:
- Design some background for the plantation that has some sense of pace or at least balance, instead of just random "grass" showing off
- The left panel should have a lighter background so you can see how many tea bags you stock

- Maybe you should try to align the signs right to left insted up-down, it's unconfortable to read and doesn't add anything to the overall layering

- Maybe you should know before buying a contract what's that you're buying:
"Pay $250 so you can sell Tea Bags" or something like that
- The price of the contracts should fluctuate depending on the demand-stock ratio to make it more interesting and realistic so it's not just an automatic decision to sell your stock

RIVALS page:
- You should get some kind of revenue for buying your rival's stocks
- The price of the stocks should also fluctuate depending on their production
- The rivals shouldn't start so ahead of the player, instead they should advance with the player.

"TROTHIES" page:
- Just change it for ThroPhies please ;)

Possible general upgrades/other stuff:
- It's ok that you need 2 tea to make a Tea Bag BUT: if the price it's $50 for 10 T.B. that means: it's 5 for a TB but it's $2.50 for every Tea you used. So there's no point in selling T.B. beacause with the Contracts you earn less since selling 10 Tea brings you $3 each.
- It would be great if there was a shop where you could buy "better tea" or other flavors
- The trucks could have upgrades like capacity and speed
- The workers could have upgrades like boots for speed, better tools etc.
- Maybe there should be some kind of sense of time passing like seasons where the crops grow faster/slower. Some rain effect that helps or slow your progress or there could be some kind of pests.

Keep working on this! (And excuse me if something is not clear enough, this is not my mother tongue .)

Awesome! Save file and all, great!

Let's see, the only things I can see that you need to fix/could change if you want to:
- The Trothies typo
- Black text on a dark-gray background. Mainly for the number of tea you have
- Improving the graphics
- Allow the game to be progressing without needing to be in the window itself (ie you can be watching youtube without needing a separate window opened for the game)
- A slightly faster start. Going from 10 to 40 takes longer than 40 to 100.
- Maybe some upgrades for the workers and tea? Like improved growing speed, improved harvesting speed...
- I've also noticed that some of the spots completely hides the workers.
- The formats at several pages are very slightly different, causing a little flicker

This version is already so much better than the first and previous. Keep it up!

Unbalanced and bad visuals. For 'version 1.x' is unacceptable.