Reviews for "2Pac Man"

So great! It was really funny! Thank you for awesome game ))

What the help?! is...this crazy bacon ball?... :'))

Overall, this was a very good game.

I got a bug in level 2 though, where I managed to jump through the wall outside of the screen and reset the level ...

Perhaps the sizes of the areas within the levels do not warrant side-scrolling and it's better to make it happen all in one screen?

Creative and strange like most of Munguia's work.

It was quite a challenge to obtain all the medals without any sort of guide, but it is possible. Hover over the fruits to see which level(s) have a fruit you are missing (including one in the tutorial level). A small circle will remain near levels which still have rappers you haven't found. Try to go everywhere, especially if it seems like you shouldn't.

music has rhythm style is my favorite game boy is very good game