Reviews for "Yo Escape The Facility"

Are people joking about finding the fuse? It wasnt hard to find AT ALL.

ANYHOO, fun as always. Puzzles were kind of the easy side for me but fun regardless.

Moral of the game- Dont get in a car with strangers, ESPECIALLY if its a damn limo.

its good that escape games have medals now

Love your games but I don't know in what world you would smash a pipe with a brick to unscrew something... Actually had to check a walk-through to get past that as it's not really logical.

Not bad, but there is so little story behind it. The makers of this game could do a larger point and click game with more lore and I would be more satisfied. I do however think the puzzles should have more logic.

good game some what challenging but i still finished it so i give it a 4 stars