Reviews for "evil dead: the evil cartridge"

I really liked it! But the endless attack is very overpowered. If you walk so you back is to the left wall and keep pressing ZZXX over and over you won't get hurt. Then it's just easy peasy.

juako04 responds:

Thank you for your reply! Yes you are right, I guess it could be fix using new enemies, will fix it in my next game, thank you for pointing that out.

For what it is (a quick little game) it's very well done. It has a cool style, River City Ransom like play, good sound, etc. I had a really fun time playing it. Once you get to where the red guys are spawning, there's not really any variety after that. Once you get the continuous attack down, that shreds everything except for the red guys. I'm sure you made this game exactly how you wanted it, so I'm not going to ding you for that. It would most certainly be more fun with multiple levels, more mobs, bosses, upgrades, etc. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed it (I got to 368 before I had to get back to work and let myself die) so, grats!

juako04 responds:

Thank you for your review! you are right, didn't want to make a bigger game because I dont own the IP.
I want to create a new game with some stuff as a base, and all the stuff that this game lacks, progression, upgrades, weapons, etc. But I think this is a good start to test some of the stuff.
Glad you found some fun in the game =)


This game is groovy!

This is a great fan game that mixes the show and the movies! The style is great but the controls could be better like using wasd to move and maybe space to hit and make it where mouse is to shoot or something but everything else is amazing! Cool game references in characters! This game is what we evil dead fans call, groovy!