Reviews for "evil dead: the evil cartridge"

Funny game, but infinite attack is op... Go in a corner and spamming it will make you 1st ranked if you stay more than 15min doing it ^^

Develop it :)

juako04 responds:

Thank you! yes you are right, I will fix it in my next game =)

X+X+X the best combo attack !!!

juako04 responds:

Thank you! my personal fav is the boomstick move in the castle crashers chars

Well.... Evil Dead TICK.... 8Bit Blood TICK.... Body Parts Flying TICK..... Ash + Pals Kicking Ass TICK....

There could be some improvements in the enemy variation .. maybe the deer head as a floating boss and progression lets you go in to the basement where it plays music backwards and maybe the enemy coming through the front door and you have a time frame to close it and carry on kicking demon ass.... either way good job juako04

juako04 responds:

Thank you for your review! I had the same ideas in mind, but at the end of the day you have to decide whats goes in and what you need to cut out to finish the game. The original idea was that you could move around the house finding pages of the necronomicon. With basement door would open and you would fight the profesor's wife. But thats a lot more of work and I prefere a finish game that an awesome idea half done, trust me I have my disk full of them =). I like the deer idea.
Here you can see the final boss idea http://s29.postimg.org/i5gcm5mlj/Pasted_Layer.png

I really liked it! But the endless attack is very overpowered. If you walk so you back is to the left wall and keep pressing ZZXX over and over you won't get hurt. Then it's just easy peasy.

juako04 responds:

Thank you for your reply! Yes you are right, I guess it could be fix using new enemies, will fix it in my next game, thank you for pointing that out.

Great game !
I unlocked every character but I still don't know if they're much stronger than ash or not.
Stronger characters or an upgrade system would be nice !

juako04 responds:

Thank you! Glad you like it! No all the caracteres have the same stats. I agree with you, will add more stuff in my next game!