Reviews for "evil dead: the evil cartridge"

that i hate everything music..... i love it..

Give up! ^^'
It's not easy to mash X with the little finger. (The standard keyboard layout in many non-english EU countries is qwertz or azerty.)

juako04 responds:

Thank you, sorry I dindt consider other key layouts, will do next time.

While it may look very basic.. because it actually is, there's a LOT that can come from this.

While the gameplay itself isn't all that intriguing, you touch upon something that no one has ever thought about doing with an Evil Dead game concept: incorporate the splatter/horror comedy elements that all the franchise boasts to their naturally cartoonish levels. The pixel style isn't THAT appealing as is, but the polish you would find in a game like Castle Crashers is actually a weirdly charming compliment to the overall style. And with the overall atmosphere of Kunio-Kun/Crash and the Gang meets Splatterhouse, the combination would actually become something that would not only feel a bit modern, but would also be a perfect throwback to both the timeframe of the films, as well as the games that game out at the same time.

If you could somehow talk Tom Fulp into helping you further this game's overall design, and then somehow got Raimi's company to jump on board with it, you very well could have a very worthy Steam game that's a direct tie-in to the current Starz series. Just make the levels, throw in some power-ups for the fans, and get some fun, varying music, and it'd be a solid, fun $2+ game that would be both an absolute bargain AND something that people wouldn't regret purchasing.

juako04 responds:

Thank you for your advice. The problem normaly is that intelectual property owners try to be protective about the use of there IP. They dont want to damage the image of there product by releasing bad stuff. It would be cool if they want to make a bigger game, but I highly doubt it.

I did a new highscore 659!!!! yeah

juako04 responds:

Nice! Hail to the king!