Reviews for "evil dead: the evil cartridge"

Great idea, but the games not very good cause they just stun lock you constantly

i really love evil dead and i am a huge fan of bruce campbell... BUT:
half star, because of the "Z"-"X"-CONTROL -___- why do so many devs make this mistake and dont let us change the controls? i dont have an english keyboard and i dont want to change the keyboard language for every little game. do you know where my "Z"-button is? it is where your "Y"-button is. between "T" and "U".
so... let us change the control-buttons or make something like X AND C!
that shouldnt be so complicated.

Simple but cool. Would like to see more content though. A stage based game would be great.
Overall a good job.

As a major fan of the Evil Dead franchise I give this game my seal of approval.

Some nice visual polish, but I unlocked all of the medals in two tries (my first run I got 150 kills) by sticking to a corner and timing X button presses. The combos proved largely unhelpful, sticking to a corner and just pressing X to drive back the enemies worked perfectly. While the unlockables were neat (the female non-ED Raimi character was a great touch) and the pixel art looks pleasant, there isn't really any depth or variation, with only two enemies that never seem to vary in difficulty, number, or skill set as the game goes on. Unlocking the sprites kept me engaged, but now that I'm done with it the entertainment value kind of bottoms out. Pretty enough to expand upon tho', a fleshed out sequel could be fun.