Reviews for "evil dead: the evil cartridge"

It is this kind of retro fun that reminds of Newgrounds classic. More of this kind of game would return Newgrounds to its prime. I love how simple and yet addictive the game is. I feel ashamed but it took me a second to realize it was a River City Ransom parody. I noticed that first in the gameplay and combos, then I saw the sprites and was like "Ooooh". RCR is one of the best NES games ever, and this is a very faithful homage to both RCR and Evil Dead.

I love it! it's simple and amazing! beside that i am also a big fan of Evil Dead specially number 2 and Army of Darkness, but i really do love this game. Although a few more differet levels would be a nice touch, but as you said it was originally made for the pixelday. Smart move. it's great, just great!

I am a sucker for side scrolling beat-em-ups; my formative years consisted of shoveling quarters into machines like TMNT, The Simpsons, XMen, and finally in the twilight of the genre's limelight, games like Dungeons and Dragons and Battle Circuit took it to a whole grand new level with infinite promise. Shortly thereafter the genre mysteriously tanked. I blame the advent of full 3D rendering, but whatever.

Long story short, I do appreciate throwbacks to this genre that play smoothly like this game. Animations are well done in that they use both the retro pixel crunchiness and the more modern 2D standard transform-based movements without making either of the approaches feel hacked together or forced. Everything moves at the right pace, the character and enemy speed, reach, and hit reactions just feel right. With one exception. The "boomstick" move almost never hits for any character. It looks like it should have some reach or spread, especially with the knights whose "boomstick" is a big flashy wave, but it almost always passes harmlessly through enemies.

This brings me to my next mixed feeling: you've gone to the trouble of putting together a nice big variety of playable characters, and I tend to like that for a beat-em-up. But since all of them share one move set and similar (if not identical) quantitative abilities, the great selection is reduced to superficial fluff. Check out some of the all time greats of the genre like Knights of Valor and D&D: Shadow Over Mystara and you will see that every character is a very different experience to play, has a different set of combos and specials... that's the ideal model for how to implement a large cast of playable characters in a beat-em-up. Just having the cast like this game is disappointing if you make that comparison, and it leaves this game feeling very much incomplete.

The incompleteness is yet more obvious in the progression of enemies and environments. There simply is none. There are two enemy types and only one room. I do have to give you credit for giving the skeletons a little bit of sense in trying to spread out and get behind me sometimes, but the big red boss relies entirely on his disregard for my attacks. It seems like all I can do there is hit and run, try to stay out of his ludicrous reach. The skeletons, despite their best efforts and numeric advantage, are almost always defeated by spamming XXZZ once they're all on the same side.

By this point, the monotony weighs very heavily on my motivation to climb the leaderboard or to get the next character; the game is not delivering anything of substance once the player masters these two very simple tactics.

I want to encourage you to develop this further, even though I'm sure it sounds like I've made a lot of complaints. The engine is great and plays very efficiently, there are no bugs that I could find, the art is retro-cool, and I had a good time playing it for a while. It's just unfinished. The mechanics for giving a character a decent sized move set are obviously there, as are the beginnings of a viable AI. There's no reason to throw away any of your code or assets, just extend what you've got to make more substantive variety in characters, add more enemies, add more environments. If you do that, you will have a great game that I will enjoy a lot, and you have my word that it will get my glowing review as soon as it's worthy.

I give this game the rating I did for one simple reason: The game ITSELF is simple. I've literally only spent about 15 minutes in a corner doing the "Endless Attack" sequence while only OCCASIONALLY moving to avoid the giant and unlocked every single achievement and character. It's mind numbing, and sadly not in a good way.

There is no music in the game. So, there's nothing to listen to but the sound of the gun and the chainsaw assuming you're still playing as the one character you're given, like me. The way to fix this? Open up a new tab in your browser, go to YouTube, and look up some tracks to listen to while you play this.

Animation is fluid, everything is rather simple, and the gameplay is sometimes sketch. For instance, sometimes, if not most of the time, the shotgun shots don't land a hit. Even if the enemy is directly in front of you, it doesn't land a hit. That can be fairly misleading.

Sorry to say, but I just can't find any entertainment value in this game because to me, it just seems to drone on and on until you make too many mistakes in your endless combo cycle in your corner to rack up the kills.

Not a great game.

Overall its a pretty good game, but you cannot help but feel its unfinished.