Reviews for "Sonic the Hedgehog: The Dawn of a New Era"

not really a game but its nice to see sonic. would of been nice to see eggman called by hes real name but thats just me

Recolored OCs and "edgy swearing" aside, this is a great game that blew my expectations far out of the water.

Payn responds:

Thanks man!

Awesome!I like Sonic series!

Payn responds:

Me too :D

to be honest I thought this would be a game with fights that we actually had to win to proceed.
Anyway, I already like Aqua, but it was more than short even for one of those episodes I think.
Maybe you should actuall add little fights.

The chase wasn´t fun, I coudln´t control the Spindash´s movement, but I should be able to move it to the right, and to the left at least.

There wasn´t really a reason to use the arrowkeys in the chase, you could not even jump.
You probably should add obstacles.

That Sonic is stuck in one place sometimes caused me to lose a life, because it stopped exactly when an enemy moved into me.

I bet it is just me, but I would actually kind of like it if some choices in the later episodes would be optional. For example, some kind of romance with Aqua, or if you .....(I don´t know) make everyone hate you.

Not sure how much experience you have with this, I haven´t done it myself, but I kind of like this type of games. It would be even better to have a few more choices.

Payn responds:

Thanks for your review, I'll think about your ideas!

I love the game. However it just empty there is very little gameplay both timelines end the game. I suggest you see 08jackt's games for how to do this better. Here's guide for advice.
Want more Gameplay: See Dead Detenion
Want more Story and Choices: See Chaos Girl
Want a more RPG like: See Alula Falling
That is all hopefully the next one will be better.