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Reviews for "Left&Right"

Original creative idea.

Really cool game, I love the style and just all out insanity within. Additive and fun, hell the mini game itself is enough of an entertaining game let alone the main feature. Really cool and original game. 5/5

Wow, this really was a crazy game. I had no idea what would come up next. That's a good thing! There are just so many insane obstacles in this. It was weird how I did so much better at it some times than others. I guess it's just the powerups I had.

The colors were nice and bright. I wish I could have paid more attention to the background! I love movies so much. I'm glad it's easy to understand. This really was one of your more elaborate games.

A weird game...I didn't really get it. There certainly weren't any instructions, but I GUESS at least it's okay that you put instructions in the game description. The weird thing is, I had no idea what to do at first, but I got up to level 4 without actually touching the controls. I just...sat there and stuff happened around me.

some nice design, but i found it a little overwhelming. the gameplay itself was difficult to get into because of all the visuals.

you have a slick modern design style, but i feel it clashed with the game a little.