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Reviews for "Left&Right"

I assume the keys have something to do with the minigame, but whenever I go through the door it just takes me straight to the Interval screen.

A pretty creative and fun arcade game, with each upgrade a unique twist to the game play experience. Only thing I'm really missing here is highscores hmm, and that MINIGAME COMPLETE! medal *hint?*. Movie references were an unexpected but entertaining addition too, and each obstacle a wise piece of strategy. Good game!


I like it! Very amusing little game! Would love to see more characters and upgrades, like maybe you could get a temporary shield, or boots that made you go faster?

Definitely less frustrating and more interesting than the typical game in this subgenre.

A very unique Left and Right moving game. The movie scenes are good and distracting.

The medals work, and I earned them all.