Reviews for "Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo Intro Teaser"

You have come a long way, the quality animation and voice acting speaks for itself. Great job!


This was beautifully done, all of it. The animation, the music, the voice acting, even the writing! There's absolutely nothing here that I don't like. I just wish it was longer.

I don't have money to donate, but I want you to know that, if I did, you'd definitely be getting it, and then some.

You got my vote for best of Febuary. The voice acting was spot on by the way!

l wish people like you could step up to some kids-tv channel and show them this,, l feel like you'd need (or at least could greatly use) some back-up to have the financial support and get all the resources you guys obviously deserve imo. l don't have any experience on that area tho so what do l know :p

But whatevs, althought it was a bit short (which was to be expected from a teaser from a intro) you clearly showed that you can make something with all-round high quality and a lot of potential so whatever you do, please try and finish this and think big, for if you can really pull this off it'd be really impressive!