Reviews for "Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo Intro Teaser"

Animation 5/5
Sound and Music 5/5
Voices 2/5

This is a brilliant fan project so you get to ride on 5's anyway. Nevertheless great animation and audio, can't wait for the finished product (whether it's an hour or 15 minutes doesn't really matter to me). Crisp, smooth, bright, and most importantly fun animation. Good music scoring so far. Great sound. Sonic's voice seems... Off to me. Don't get me wrong, acting is acting and I haven't heard the VA long enough as Sonic to get a full opinion. Maybe he's just trying to sound more like Roger Craig and his voice melts through due to the deeper, casual tone of the 'Craig' Sonic. Either way I would happily watch the full project a dozen times!

Thanks for giving our fan base more content! We need it!

i can't wait

Imagine my surprise seeing this trailer video, and then watching it. I really wasn't expecting anything like this, let alone in full scale animation! This animation on it's own is good enough to make a show out of!

But getting to it, I have always love the three part Nazo Unleashed series. It's a shining example of the good that can be in the Sonic fandom, even with how overtly toxic the fan community can be. I've seen many interesting and entertaining Sonic entries in my time, both here and on Youtube. Mostly here though. However, I really cannot find anything that tops Nazo Unleashed, at least in effort and heart. This trailer is no different. While this is a far cry better looking than the Nazo Unleashed series, it still is something worth looking forward to. The heart that Nazo Unleashed had, is very much present here too.

Needless to say that this upcoming fan work is most definitely on my radar for the future and I honestly am happy to wait as long as it has to take to come out. 2019 Is quite wait since we are just now getting near the spring season of 2018. Best of luck on finishing The Wrath of Nazo!


That bored Tails at the beginning is so badass... Ahahaha... I just hope the project isn't somehow canceled, because this looks awesome, man... :D. Best regards to complete it ASAP