Reviews for "Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo Intro Teaser"

Wow.. I had waited this for years :D Finally a teaser of a sequel, also your animation in this years have been improved too much, looks that this is going to be awesome! Really can't wait for 2019 now :D

I hate to admit it but this looks amazing. I love how that sounds very close to Roger Craig Smith's version of sonic. Also your animation really improved all those years!

It's a pity though this flash has to be about some shitty sonic OC but whatevs.

This is awesome, good job mate

That's some serious animation talent right there! A person doesn't even have to like Sonic to enjoy eye candy of this level. I'm supposed to leave some kind of criticism but I honestly have nothing.

The decade of practice is showing tremendously.

This is awesome! Can't wait for 2019 now...