Reviews for "Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo Intro Teaser"

This is so great. This brings back memories. I have been watching these Nazo Unleashed videos for years and now your starting to bring those memories back to me and others with Sonic: The Wrath Of Nazo in 2019. Chakra-X, I hope you continue to make this sequel successful by finding times to work on it. You are great, your cool because "the X makes it sound cool", and also your awesome. So please bring back mine and everyone's memories back by completing this the best you can. :)

Jaredlc (The Bros are the strongest of all)

Dear Chakra-X (the X makes it sound cool :)
You have made my day with this I totally did NOT expect. A sequel to my favourite, most epic and inspiring flash animation here on Newgrounds. You said you would not make a sequel. I understood, it seemed impossible to bring Nazo back at first and the original was just too good to recreate. But you managed to surprise. Both you and Alvin going back to your's best back from a decade ago, this is too good to be true! :)

You have improved SO much. These VAs... they are so good as well. No need to cut lines anymore with such talents around. I remember back when you released the third part I couldn't stop thinking about it, going back every week to rewatch it and give it a 5 throughout the entire summer. Oh childhood was great. Rough, naive and sometimes even primitive but so easily satisfied and motivated... only makes sense all of us want to relive those moments again.

2019 is far, might finish University I just started until then. But time flies quickly and rushing it won't help as long we are sure it will be done. I will definitely support you on Patreon until then once I am in a better position. You will be the first as you definitely deserve it for that blast from the past REBORN :)

Chakra-X responds:

Thank you so much! "X makes it sound cool" haha a long time viewer! My goal is to surpass Nazo Unleashed tremendously so I hope after the years pass I hope that is true!

OMG your skills improved so much. I loved the nazo unleashed trillogy, but this one scene trumped it in terms of animation.

keep up the good work

This.. is GREAT!

That's simply awesome! The drawings are perfect, looks like an official SEGA trailer! I've seen the Nazo Unleashed series, and I have to say that you improved a lot! But... 2019? Really? I can't wait to see the full movie. Anyway, congratulations and good luck!