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Reviews for "The Cloud"

Boring, just really boring...
the storyline makes me think just "Who cares?"

JackAstral responds:

Ha ha fair enough. Thanks for trying it out anyway!

Oh boy... Where do I even begin... Let's start with idea of the game. A character we barely know is on the brink of suicide, but we don't try to save them? I don't get it. This leads me to the character itself. We don't know his name, we don't know why he's depressed, we don't know his origins and we don't know his motives. The only things we know are that he's depressed and that he's male.

Then we've got the soundtrack. It's not bad at all. That's where the 1 star comes from. Next, we have the the interpretation of the game. Then the graphics gained half a star, because it felt like you were trying and it does fit the mood of depression.

his is based on what I saw, so if you see something different, that's fine. But what I saw was where the whole idea of the game was to avoid happiness and constantly go towards more depression, which makes me feel like I'm killing our main character. That's just horrible.

Then, there's the gameplay itself, which is repetitive and boring. You avoid happiness, which comes from a raincloud that spits out smiles. Then you rapidly tap the Space bar so you don't shoot yourself in the head. Next, you collect more depressing thoughts (sad faces) in your sleep. And lastly, you're left to press the Space bar over and over again so you can get up to repeat the cycle. This becomes repetitive and boring.

Lastly, we have the ending. The ending was just a mess in my book. We have our character, which we led to killing himself. This is what I honestly see. All the signs point to it. We led our character towards depressing thoughts in his sleep and made him avoid happiness. This led to our character killing himself. This makes me feel horrible since I led him towards more depression and less happiness as shown by the minigames.

Now, if this game was made to be the opposite of what you should do, that's not really a good idea. You get too many mixed messages and you get this feeling of "Did the creator lead us to kill our character? Was that the point of the game?" I don't know what to say here.

All in all, this game has some horrible flaws that bog it down from just being average. But hey, at least the soundtrack is good.

JackAstral responds:

Remember you're playing as a character, not as an outsider trying to save him. You're correct in thinking that it's bleak :b

had potential but the repetitiveness really ruined the whole game.

I was expecting something big but all that happened was that he shot himself. There was no plot whatsoever and I feel like that was all this game had going for it.

You offer absolutely nothing new to the portal by having made this. Everything from the gameplay to the graphics are completely devoid of content. This is thoroughly boring and uninspired.

JackAstral responds:

By content do you mean depth? Also, thanks for trying it out anyway- sorry you feel that way