Reviews for "The Gatekeeper"

The main character's voice is DanTDM

I was going to say you got better, and you did but this is still a waste of time
Stop doing so many cliffhangers and leaving the game shorter than it makes the player expect to be, you could just put more cases in the game or at least give the opportunity to enter to the room

I hate this, I could say you got better just that the ghost looked to cartoonish so it wasn't at all creepy and it loses the seriousness of the situation
3, just because you got better and I didn't like the other ones, I like this one but it piss off and is a bummer how this ends

Très bon jeu, ambiance prenante et très réussie ! Vivement le deuxième épisode.

Not bad the only complaint I got is the voice acting and the short length. I did like the puzzles they where well done I especially like the grave one

Super short. I love the animation though. I'm intrigued by the story so I'm hoping part two comes out soon.