Reviews for "The Gatekeeper"

Yay @DeathTiger0 ! Where ya been!?! Glad to see youre back with this gem.

Great graphics and story as always (Your voice actors are ALWAYS on point)

I do wish it was longer but thats cause I wanted more fun puzzles! Great job.

Side note for Author: Id really love to see you make a full on horror game in this style. I think it would be super successful. If thats not your thing, keep doing what your doing. Id be happy either way. :D

Another excellent game,from "Death Tiger" XD

I actually enjoyed this. It wasn't too difficult but not overly simplistic. A good time passer.

Great game as always. Hope to see another one soon

This was a lot of fun and the clues made sense. Also, no annoying voices! Thanks! You just keep getting better and better. Can't wait for a sequel.