Reviews for "The Gatekeeper"

Ohh, solid 5 points for me. I like that its HD even if it is free. Solved the puzzle and a lot of things are added but has no purpose like the clock and the teapots and upstairs in the hotel and the drawings of the afterlife. I am kinda excited for the sequel of the game, and maybe a prequel on what happened to his grandmother.
The voice acting is nice for a point-and-click game. Most PAC games has only sound effects but this game's character voices made the game better.
I also expected this game to be horrifying and overloaded with jumpscares but how can I be afraid with cute ghost graphics?

the gatekeeper

Voice acting is excellent. Not sure how this guy could communicate with his grandma when she had already passed away.

Game play is exciting because of the elevator. I almost thought I killed the guy by sending him in. About the French speech, j'ai rien compris. :P

After solving this mysterious case, I hope there's more. One room was still locked at grandma's place. Also, the hidden drawing on the ceiling might mean something.

Graphics are perfect as always.

I liked it, the puzzles required thought but made sense. It was a pleasant diversion. One question, though, the clock seemed like a puzzle of some sort, but never seemed to do anything in the game. Is there something I missed, or is that just saved for future installments of the story?

A nice almost scary point and click game. Will there be more ghost busting sequels?

The medal works, and I earned it.