Reviews for "The Gatekeeper"

I need help i cant put holy water on the box. i Left the area and it says it doesnt work.

Really impressive! You can tell a lot of hard work and love went into this game!
The narration is amazing, and I love that you had every little thing being read out loud! But, the voice acting, especially the main charecter, needs some work. You can ell they're reading off a script, and you can't feel the emotion connect to what they're saying. Not to mention, some of the lines themselves are written a little... off. The details are very well don and in depth, but with some of the dialogue, it seems very... like a regular conversation, when it's clearly not. Like when the hotel manager calls the grandmother, and they're both like,
"So, like, my hotel is haunted and I need it fixed."
When, in reality, even if they did talk about this every day, they would still sound like they're taking it seriously, not like they're narrating a book. Same with Matt seeing his dead Gramma.
Also, I assume this Grandmother was old, and therefore fragile and weak, especially since she died.So.... How old is she? How did she die? Was she my mom's mom or my dad's mom?
Another thing, not too big a deal, but why would a demon huntr have books like Dracula and the Shining? Wouldn't she have to deal with even worse, unimaginable, horrors when fighting Demons? Wouldn't she have more practical books, like hand-written journals about demons and their weaknesses or her own accounts, or maybe even the Bible?
And with granny's diary, she would most likely not write it as a 'How-To' guide, she'd probably just say, "Simple Ghost Trap." and list materials and steps.
Why does granny have a black-light lamp in her living room?
Wait, people were BURIED in the hotel basement? That's not normal, and why would he just leave them there?
Why can't the lost and found box just be a regular box with stuff, why an out of place hidden object game?

Unfortunately, my back is killing me from sitting at my computer, but I'll continue this review later, in a different segment. But, I have to say, the sound design is very well done!

Give us part 2. Less talking! More puzzle finding!

Pretty amazing ! I can't wait for the series to continue! Please tell me that this is a preconceived series!!!!!!!!!

I found a typo. In the hotel clerk's initial speech "Things disappearing gustes disappearing."

Lame Grandma's dub. Childish drawing intensifies.