Reviews for "The Gatekeeper"

Maybe subtitles for the French bit in the elevator. Few typos - like the front desk saying gustes instead of guests. Probably the best game of yours that I've played. Just a bit short.

Awesome game :) Like always.
But there are some errors in the portuguese translation.

I sure have missed you DeathTiger0!

This game checks all the bases! Interesting plot, not overly difficult, yet not too easy, either. Plus, there's a nice sequel hook at the end. I'm not sure if doing the light trick actually did anything towards completing this chapter, but I suppose some of those extra details will be exploitable in the next installment, huh?

I like the fact it was a bit more serious than vortex point and I enjoyed the story line. I liked the twilight zone reference with the "Mystic seer". The creepy bartender from the shining's voice, the main character's voice and the elevator french voice was great. I still enjoy your "vortex point" though. Solid work. Cheers.