Reviews for "The Gatekeeper"

This is one of the most cinematic Carmel/death tiger games out there!

I'm on a Carmel game streak right now!

Fun as usual ;)
The voices are on point.
Nice backgrounds.

Carmel / Deathtiger0 makes a lot of games about the spooky thematic but most of them are not scary. This one was actually scary at times or at least it had a real sense of mystery and dread. The elevator ride was great. The puzzles are also more unorthodox then is most Carmel games. It is evident that more work has been spent on this Carmel game then on most others.

It's too bad this game was still cut short and we didn't learn what was hiding behind the forbidden door. This game had potential to be even better but it was cut short. Why can't Carmel make longer games from time to time?

well this one was defantly a classic horror teile i do love alwso the story part whit hounted hotel end his pursonal in the hotel

I really liked it! The only problem is - it's really really short....