Reviews for "Knight Attack Castle Defense"

nothing new or too interesting about the game, the music is nice the graphic is acceptable although a bit miniature.

Terrible freeze ups, and there is no balance. The game is too easy because the scale of price to power is ridiculous. Juggernaut, Catapault, Archer spam, Juggernaut on other rows with Ice Wizards if you WANT TO = win in just one row. It does more damage than the enemy can possibly hope to match.

Looks to be solid lane game; Wasn't able to play long. Graphics were too small for me to see in FF and chrome. COuld be me getting old though. Thanks for the fun!

You held my attention for quite some time. Some of the knights had different pros and cons which were really beneficial towards the beginning but kind of fizzled out. I didnt finish the game but I definitely enjoyed it. Nice job.

I need help with the game file to create a game