Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Fall"

im usually not a fan of a lot of horror games cuz of...jumpscares and the horror aspects, but this game drew me in with the puzzle and exploration themed gameplay, and when the insects moved away from the light and the cursor was a nice touch to the game too, right now, this is my fav horror/puzzle game on ng, very well made

Fuq u mate!!! I fell outta mah goddamn chair ya wanker! Fuckin spidahs!!!! >:V gg though x3

Where can I find the sound effects you used for the whispering voices?

Brr, I used walkthrough, but still am so terrified! I think it was a bad choice to play it before going to sleep. Need to admit, that I pretty underestimated this game.

This was pretty good and I admit that the death scenes did manage to scare me (particularly the one involving "Spike") but several things were unexplained like why the house was the way it was, why is there a giant spider, the ghost of a girl, etc. Honestly, it just feels like the story is that the protagonist just made an incredibly unlucky choice in picking a house whose hauntings are not explained at all. If you want to have backstory in your haunted house game, take after Psionic3D. He makes games with haunted environments like this but with snippits of backstory strewed throughout the games just to give the player an idea of what's going on, what has happened, etc. Other than the lack of backstory, you did a great job doing and I hope to see another haunted house-type game from you someday.