Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Fall"

Fuq u mate!!! I fell outta mah goddamn chair ya wanker! Fuckin spidahs!!!! >:V gg though x3

lol and then it says an e instead of an m for mature that spider scared me shitless almost smashed my keyboard to shreds and my screen :) best horror game online ever ! keep it up making these cool games fm-studio!

This was a pretty good game. I had to use the walkthrough a couple times but most of the puzzles were pretty straight forward. I love horror games so I was hoping for a bit more scares but you did get me with that damn spider. Was a weird lag between scenes, but that may have been a Firefox problem. Nice graphics and story. Good job.

im usually not a fan of a lot of horror games cuz of...jumpscares and the horror aspects, but this game drew me in with the puzzle and exploration themed gameplay, and when the insects moved away from the light and the cursor was a nice touch to the game too, right now, this is my fav horror/puzzle game on ng, very well made

I want to personally say that this was an amazing game