Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Fall"

Where can I find the sound effects you used for the whispering voices?

Interesting, very Rusty Lake-ish.

Game play was difficult in a dark environment with a tiny spot of light. I went back and forth to check every corner before I found all objects and clues for puzzles. Nevertheless, I missed a hand, didn't know where to use a frog and a mouse, and couldn't open the last door. Thanks to the walk through, I wouldn't have escaped from this haunted house without it.

Graphics are great with occasional scary scenes. I was glad that we can always restart the game by clicking "continue". Also, sound effects are perfect!

Some suggestions for improvement:
- Enlarge a hint behind a book. It was so tiny to be seen. Add a magnifying glass, perhaps?
- Give a hint about where I could use the dead animals.
- Fix the code sheet or the door lock. They didn't match.

This was OK. Good ambiance, but I never got the feeling of dread, or after wandering a bit, danger.

i havent played much but the first thing i tryed was burning the house downXD