Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Fall"

this game made absolutely no sense and the puzzles were ridiculous, some of them i had to use the walkthrough and even then the solution makes no sense.

The overall game play was pretty good, it was easy to navigate and have a sense of where you were in the house; however, some of the puzzles were too ambiguous for me to solve without the walkthrough. **spoiler alert** the key hidden in the grass I thought was poorly done and the books to indicate the level the masks should be was very unclear - it could easily be made better by something that links the books and the masks together a bit more clearly. Lastly the code 7482 didn't match up with the door and putting the fish in the machine to get the code is not intuitive or reasonable at all...I would have given this game a much higher rating if I didn't have to use the walkthrough for a good portion of the game.

Its a very soft horror, with not to many jumpscare, but i like it a lot

Well done.

GREAT game, love this and the Puppeteer episode, but gutted I ended up playing them in the wrong order. Maybe number them like Forgotten Hills 1: FALL, Forgotten Hills 2: Pupeteer... etc

Also, I love the puzzles as they make you think and work them out using well placed clues and tricks. HOWEVER... I still have no clue as to how the MASK puzzle worked, and the CODE puzzle still baffles me as the numbers do not relate. I had to use the walkthrough and that annoyed me as I loved solving the other puzzles as they were really entertaining and I love the theme/vibe of these

Can't wait for the next installments if there are any comming!! :D

SPOILER hints for the puzzles I had to use the walkthrough for (just in case others cant figure the seemingly clueless puzzles either)
Mask puzzle (2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)
Code was (7247)