Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Fall"

One of the best free point and click games I have played. And I have played 494 of them (I keep a log), so it's a lot.

Puzzles were not easy, not your common adventure game that can be completed in under 10 minutes. This one can take an hour and you can get stuck so it can take even more, but all puzzles are hard in a good way so it's fun to even get stuck.

The scariness of this game was well done. The spider jump scare got me and always felt dread when passing trough that room not to accidentally click on him. It's nice that it could be killed later.

The way you made those smaller spiders move - nice job.

The flashlight view was very nicely made and added a lot to the atmosphere.

Very smart, very nicely made game with just the right level of scariness.

Good game, just wish that the puzzles wouldn't reset when you changed rooms.

I really appreciate that these games try more for a creepy atmosphere than just using jump scares every five minutes to get that sense of horror. I struggled somewhat with the puzzles but I didn't need a walkthrough. Also really don't understand why so many people complain about that code puzzle at the end, that was one of the easier puzzles for me. I really like the graphics as well.

Just my type of game! The puzzles were not too hard and the horror wasn't too scary either. Great job!

Like many of the other people who played this, I enjoyed the artwork. I'm not a huge fan of horror, so the atmosphere felt creepy to me - in a good way. Jumpscares don't usually get me in games since I can normally see them coming, but when it comes to spiders or bugs popping out at me, they really scare me! (Well done.) However, many of us have had to relay on walkthroughs to finish this game - myself included. If you're reading these reviews, perhaps it's time to fix some of the errors.