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Reviews for "Survive Day 2"

Morel of the story: In the end, it's always better to sleep in a tent much better than on a log. Hopefully we'll be able to end the day in the upcoming sequel by resting in a mansion! :-D

Another point and click escaping episode. The change from night to day was nice.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

Not a bad series so far, even if nothing makes sense. Do you intend to explain why the native captured us and then let us go, or is it all just part of the surrealism?

I found the night scene before sleeping to be striking and magical. Great visual effect.

The only criticism I have is that some of your "live action" photo games become pixel hunts, which isn't fun for anyone, but I've said that before, and I still play your games :P. Fact remains, though, that I only found the bamboo by randomly clicking as I happened to have the proper item selected. Dumb luck.


@Genesgirl: So normally, A = 1, B =2, C =3, etc. If A=10, as per the clue, then Z must = 9, Y = 8, X = 7, etc. Once you discover where 1 starts, you can apply that to the letters on the outside of the plane.

I don't understand how you get the 5 digit code with the 2 clues given. I looked up the walkthrough, but that part still doesn't make sense. Can someone explain it to me?

why are you making those weird looking point and pixel hunt ´´adventures´´ without walktrough that keep repeating even getting you back into previous game?

selfdefiant responds:

Because you are on an island.