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Reviews for "Survive Day 2"

No, that A=10 clue was just unfair.

Three stars?

Although I like this series, I wish it made more sense. A lot of it is making large jumps in logic that are barely explained. Even at the start there was no evidence that the townspeople were in anyway trying to harm you. You just automatically decide to run from a situation where they could potentially be helping. A lot of the other puzzles are also jumps in logic on how you suddenly know what you need to do for them.
Good game, poor storyline.

I like it. i played the survival, but this second one is harder than the first one. The graphics made me confused what is clickable to not. LOL but i love it my eyes got hurt but still it challenged me. make more please :)

Game play was more challenging than expected. Although I had found a clue to the symbolic puzzle, it took me some time before I figured out how to solve it. Hint: you can turn the central stone and press each numbered stone. Also, finding a bait and knowing how to chase away an animal weren't easy. I had to go through all places twice before I found out how. Hint: the bait was hidden and the animal loved music. Then, I encountered a statue with four arms. I was clueless until I found a gem. I was so glad to have found a tent near the end.

Graphics are realistic. It gave me a sense of real adventure in a jungle.

Sound effect is fine.