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Reviews for "Survive Day 2"

oh no im trapped in a hut with only a lighter and the door is locked by a rope knot! i definitely shouldn't burn off the rope with the lighter...

selfdefiant responds:

No you should, then the hut would burn with you inside!

Not bad. A good length and the puzzles were fun. I wouldn't have been able to figure out the combination in the plane without a walkthrough though. I guess I'm unable to comprehend that part.

Fun installation in the series but I had a werid bug the first time I played it. When I started, I started with the machete and lighter outside the hut, next to the stone tablet with the clue to the first puzzle (I didn't know this wasn't supposed to happen until I went to play it through a second time). Other than that, had fun with this one too!

All medals work and I unlocked them all. Good job with this one as always keep up the good work.

I am always amazed, SelfDefiant, at how you can be both so prolific and innovative. Somehow you manage to sate your fans insatiable appetite for new games, without sacrificing quality, and continue to experiment and grow as an artist. Ever since Sneaky inherited that castle from his uncle, I've been hooked. Thank you.

selfdefiant responds:

Wow! Thanks so much!!! I hope I can continue to do so!