Reviews for "Sans vs Flowey - Undertale Fanimation"

Nice. There needs to be more Undertale fighting animations.

I really like how smooth the animation is! Keep up the great work!

I was pretty impressed with the way you tackled this animation! While your lines are a bit shaky at some points( thus the loss of a star, it's not the best thing in the world) , the animation is pretty good! No typos, which is also great! It did feel kind of empty at some points, when you chose to focus on the head for example, which kinda felt off because it "shrinks down" the size of Omega Flowey and the difference in size doesn't seem that extreme.

Otherwise, good job!

This is GREAT! I really enjoyed this! I love how you portrayed the two of them in this, matching up their attacks against each other. The bit with Asgore was hilarious. But HOT DAMN that ending was dark. I love it!

Pretty dark at the end but it was a great animation.