Reviews for "Sans vs Flowey - Undertale Fanimation"

damn this is awesome

I was pretty impressed with the way you tackled this animation! While your lines are a bit shaky at some points( thus the loss of a star, it's not the best thing in the world) , the animation is pretty good! No typos, which is also great! It did feel kind of empty at some points, when you chose to focus on the head for example, which kinda felt off because it "shrinks down" the size of Omega Flowey and the difference in size doesn't seem that extreme.

Otherwise, good job!

Really amazing!!
3.24 stars!? It should be highly evaluated.
I enjoyed watch this from beginning to end!

Good animation and graphics. Great work on your first Fullbody project.

The animation is amazing. It shows that you worked so hard on this. The problem I have is that the only reason Omega Flowey even exists, is that Flowey would have to get the six human souls. That would be easy, just kill Asgore, but he's still alive in the animation? Besides that minor detail (Which is honestly the only bad thing I could find about this), this is flawless. You are fucking outstanding dude.