Reviews for "A Snack in A Castle"

I can not recommend this game. The upgrades only help a little bit, and the controls can be loose at times. There is a problem with the game crashing. The game will crash and the load feature does not work. I had to play this game twice to finish it.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

harmlessrage responds:

The load feature does work. I fixed it yesterday and used it just before responding to you.

This is pretty fun. It's a bit challenging, but too hard. Nice job!

this gam is bugged as hell also quiet undeveloped and level 75? it would take so much time and just for 10 points. truly dissapointing.

edit: well no game will make me want to eat carrots and cabages. seems fine now. just max food spawn and you´ll be fine.

harmlessrage responds:

What bugs are there? Lets me know because I didn't see any. Also I changed the medal to 50 points just for you.

Okay game. I really like the music alot. Upgrade system is nice as well. However menus dont look that nice and the gameplay could use some more.

Not bad. Not a terribly original concept to collect and avoid objects falling from the sky, but it kept me fairly engaged, nonetheless. As has been mentioned, the character model feels out of place with the rest of the artwork in the game. Overall gameplay was smooth for me, I didn't catch any bugs on my run. The music was nice, too, and the controls are sticking with the basics so there's not a bunch of keys to juggle. Upgrades could use to be a bit more noticeable in the actual game, though. Nice little time killer, I enjoyed it.