Reviews for "Fabulous defense"

Nice game, but it's a pity that you don't get a survival mode at the end, or at least a way to replay previous waves, for those who like to upgrade everything. I didn't understand what the high range +5 does, too. There was a bit of strategy with the reassigning of skill points, pretty cool. Music is nice as well. Overall, it is a sweet game, perfectible, but still enjoyable :)

Sentry Knight ripoff with worse mechanics and more boring enemy types.

The game isn't bad, but the upgrade tree is poor, and the atack options low.

- It's harder to fire accurately more than anything else
- Difficult to time shots correctly
- Forces me to fire individual shots every time
- Forces me to use spells or else wizard won't level up
- Forces me to buy the first upgrade
- Upgrades don't look that appealing anyway (2 second freeze, 5% crit chance? Oh please)
- Just yet another defense game except it's kind of below average for most defense games
- Levels seem to get longer and slower without much increase in difficulty (I.E. I got bored fast)

Is the game awful? No, but it's got nothing new and instead has some outdated concepts I guess to make up for the lack of a tutorial, which it clearly doesn't need. Much like taking a shit into my hands and clapping, at least I tried it once but I won't be doing that again.

A copy of Sentry Knight at a much slower pace.
The game leaves the played no real creativity on their up-gradable characters.