Reviews for "Tempala"

Your game lags horribly at level 19, making it nearly impossible to complete. I haven't completed it because I already lost all faith in this game's potential for fun.

I have a problem with your detailed depiction of the Tempala's butt hole. I couldn't make it past the 4th level becuse of how disgusted I felt.

Good game but is there a reason animal buttholes need so much emphasis? It's like you've gone to extra lengths to make sure to draw attention to those animal buttholes. The deer even wiggles its butt, with butthole clearly visible. You know most people don't bother to draw the buttholes. Just sayin'

it's on the spreadsheet bra

edit: which, 3 years later, brought me back for another play

Love this game. Fun, challenging and well made. Good stuff man :)