Reviews for "Contra 3: Is too F** Hard"

It was awesome by the way what software do you use to animate?!
1- the voice acting was awesome

4TAKEN responds:

Just good ol' Flash, and some SFx on After Fx. And thank you so much!! =D

ahhh nostalgia.
contra was a bitch to play

Ahahah! I did see the ending coming, but it's only because I've played that bastard of a game!

Love the Contra series. Man, I miss old-school gaming. Won't even touch Call of Duty.

Thanks for this. :)

4TAKEN responds:

WOW!! Thanks for your words.
YES!! we also love the contra series. So HARD, yet so GOOD. :P

That was spectacular. I loved the end, it was so unexpected.

contra3 was one of the first videogames i ever played as a child, beat it when i was 10